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Trains Bring Jet-Setters Back To Earth

Jet-setters in Europe seem to be giving way to what might be called train-setters.

Air travel seems to be losing its glamourous associations as crowded airports, flight delays, security lines and baggage snarl-ups take their toll. In Western Europe, an invitation to “come fly with me” is these days just as likely to be met with a dismissive “No thanks, I’ll take the train”.

The difference is high-speed rail technology, with new railway lines already installed across France, Germany and Italy, and now snaking their way through Spain and the UK too. Speeds of up to 200 miles-per-hour mean short, comfortable journeys between over a dozen key European destinations. A new rail link recently inaugurated in London and South-East England, joining up with the Channel Tunnel, has brought high-speed travel to the British leg of the Paris-to-London route, with the two city centers now only 140 minutes apart.  And no faffing around in airports!

So quick!  So comfortable!  So convenient!  Jet-setting is, like, so last year…


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