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Tipping Meets Its Tipping Point

How do people feel about tipping?  After an enjoyable meal, the average American adds a tip of between 8% and 37%, according to a study by Cornell University. Yet 40% of Americans profess to hate tipping as a practice.

They are not alone. Australians have a long history of viscerally detesting the whole idea of tipping, on the basis that “This person is doing their job and getting paid, so why should I pay them even more?” Sydney taxi drivers have been known to give tippers a nasty look, throw the tip money on the sidewalk, and shout “So you think you’re better than me, eh, cobber?” 

In Australia, not tipping is a sign of egalitarian attitudes, and solidarity with your fellow-citizens.  Not that this would make tipping-averse Australians particularly popular with New York City taxi drivers…

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