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So Your Product Has Green Credentials *yawn*. Ho hum

Green attitudes represent a special problem for parents of young babies.

All those disposable diapers! They take years to biodegrade.  Yet the depressing, evil-smelling majority of them just get thrown out with the trash, and end up in landfill sites.

Enter the gDiaper, which comes in cheerful bright colors, keeps baby snug and dry, and… helps to save the planet!  The system works with a re-usable panty-shaped cover, into which you pop biodegradable padded inserts.  You get the idea.

Not that green credentials are the overt selling point for this eco-friendly product.  It’s more kind of… understood. gDiaper’s marketing team want their brain-child to be seen as “The Toyota Prius of diapers”.

As pointed out in Environment magazine, “Many eco-friendly products fail precisely because companies… put too much emphasis on the planet-saving thing. To reach the mainstream, [talk about the] attributes that any product needs: cost-effectiveness, convenience, status”.

It seems green-minded attitudes are now so widespread, they no longer represent a major marketing platform. Ho hum, so you’ve got a green product… now, what does it do for me?

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