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Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition, There’s A Good Chap

Huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ have always been deeply entrenched in the leisure life of the USA. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has estimated that 80 million adult Americans, i.e. almost 40% of the population, “enjoyed recreational activities relating to fish and wildlife”.

13 million Americans go shooting, and spend around $20 billion in the process. You can even buy a Bible in camouflage colors, to refresh the spirit before blazing away at all those critters and varmints.

Nonetheless, the sport has begun to shrink, with the number of hunters falling by 7% over a ten year period, mainly among middle- and lower-income groups.  People who move from country areas to the suburbs tend to find other things to do with their leisure time, like bowling.  By contrast, estimated numbers of hunters in $100,000+ income households were recently up by over 20%, implying that hunting is becoming more elitist.

Over the Atlantic in England, it always was. The ban on fox-hunting passed by Britain’s Labor government produced a storm of protest among Britain’s huntin’/shootin’/fishin’ classes, many of whom mounted campaigns of civil disobedience and flouted the anti-hunting law.

But not many seemed to be carrying Bibles, camouflaged or otherwise.

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