Pi Attitude Zone: Flexibility

No Ifs, Let’s Hear It For Butts

Beauty, as we all know, is in the eye of the beholder.  As with many aspects of human life, attitudes to feminine pulchritude can come in a surprising range of socio-cultural varieties.

Much of Western civilization continues to define its ideal of womanly desirability in terms of willowy, pale-skinned, sylph-like blonde girls (with or without a little judicious cantilevering in the pectoral area). 

But wait.  America’s publishing and entertainment industries have been discovering that, to many admirers of the female form, beauty resides in… um... okay, say it loud and say it proud: a Big Behind.

A movie moment springs to mind.  In an otherwise forgettable piece of Hollywood froth called Taxi (2004), Queen Latifah’s sassy female Noo Yawk taxi-driver character asks her streetwise eight-year-old daughter “Honey, y’think these pants make my ass look big?”.  “They sure do!”, grins the little one.  “Perfect!” says Queen Latifah.

Publications like King and Smooth have seduced readership (or should that be voyeurship, perhaps?) away from the likes of Maxim magazine by focusing on what their models sit on.  Analysts have been commenting that “the magazine industry for a long time largely ignored the young black male reader”, thereby under-serving enthusiasts of the… well, let’s call it the Stirring Stern.  When Smooth magazine launched, editor Sean Cummings pronounced that “These books allow us to celebrate the beauty of our women without compromise. For years, FHM, Maxim and Stuff showed you their idea of beauty:  a blonde, blue-eyed 110-pound woman. Now we’re showing you ours”.  

It’s all about looking in the rear-view mirror and liking what you see...  These red-blooded males’ ideal vital statistics? 36-24-38.... or 39... or, unnnhhh, 41...

Pi says:  let’s hear it for ‘badonkadunk’.

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