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Leisure Activities? Be Careful…!

Fascinating facts can be gleaned from census data and industry surveys. Americans have annually been drinking almost 30 gallons per capita of bottled water, (which isn’t fattening).  This is a statistically higher ‘share-of-bladder’ than Americans’ consumption of beer, (which is).

This may partly explain why the obesity-gap by which Americans lead other nationalities seems to be closing.

Maybe other nations, too, are aiming to match the gross (in every sense) 60-plus days a year that Americans spend sitting watching TV.

But wait! When US citizens do actually get up off the couch to indulge in other leisure activities, they can often find that it’s a dangerous world out there.

Bicycles are apparently the US consumer product most likely to be involved in accidents.  But lawnmowers and… wait for it…beds follow close behind.

Pi says: a risky thing, leisure time….!

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