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Christmas Trees? Get Real...

It’s something to do with the aftermath of the financial meltdown.  Fake Christmas trees are out.  In a resurgence of tradition and authenticity, people want the real thing again.

Fake trees are sitting in the cupboards and garages of over 80% of American homes, but a dwindling number of people seem to be getting them out for this year’s festivities.  This is good news for the Real Christmas Tree industry, which a year ago sold enough trees (at about $40 a time on average) to rake in over a billion dollars.  Chances are that this festive season will not disappoint them.

Authenticity, Pi understands, means not just swinging by Home Depot or the market in the church parking lot on an “any old tree will do” basis.  In America’s well-heeled North-East, Santa-hatted moms and dads spend hours combing 200-acre tree farms looking for the perfect specimen.  Something like a quarter of these real-tree seekers get out there with a saw, and hand-pick the one that will grace their living room. 

Since there are around fifteen thousand of these tree farms scattered around America, we’re talking about a lot of hand-picked trees.  Annual sales of all Christmas trees top 35 million units, and at least 70% of them are real plants with roots... at least until they get sawn off, that is.

Still settling for a fake fir?  You’re out of your tree.

Pi wishes all its readers and insight-seekers a happy holiday season.  See you in the New Year!

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