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Brand-New Year… and it’s a Brand-New Me

British author Neil Boorman was worried that branded goods were eating his brain.

Let Neil himself explain:  “I realized I wasn’t actually purchasing clothes, gadgets (not even food!) for the functions that they performed. I was buying them for the way they made me feel”. Brands felt to him like being in prison.

So he gave up buying anything with a brand-name on it, for an entire year.

He found it surprisingly difficult, buying food at weekly unbranded produce markets, (“you have to plan ahead”), and getting no-name household cleaning products at janitorial supply stores.

Technology and entertainment were a problem, since almost nothing in those industries came without a brand identity.  So he spent a year completely without TV or DVDs.

On the plus-side, he made friends with his local butcher and fishmonger, whom he now “knows by name” for the first time.

A surprising by-product of his experience?  He lost fifteen pounds in weight, since there were no available non-branded equivalents of processed foods and ready-to-eat meals.

Neil’s experience makes you think…  What do brands stand for, exactly?

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