Pi Attitude Zone: Self-Gratification

Birds Do It. Bees Do It. But Why?

Why do people have sex?  You probably thought you already knew.  But psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin came up with some additional answers that might surprise you.

The researchers interviewed a random sample of 2,000 Americans, analyzed their responses to a sexual motivation questionnaire, and determined that there are in reality a total of… 237 reasons (!) for jumping someone’s bones. These ranged from the sublime (“I wanted to feel closer to God”) to the eminently practical (“It seemed like good exercise”) to the brutally frank (“I was drunk”).

So many variant pretexts for giving in to someone else’s physical charms!  To bring order to this chaos, the study’s leaders devised a system of four basic categories. First was physical attraction (“He was a good kisser” and so on), second came goal-attainment (“I was getting even with my cheating partner” and suchlike), third was emotion (“I felt we needed to communicate at a deeper level”, or whatever), and last -- but surprisingly common -- was insecurity (“I wanted to boost my self-esteem”).

And there was you thinking there was only one thing on their minds….

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