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An American Thirst

The average American uses 1,880 cubic metres of water per year (yes, 1,880 cubic metres – the equivalent of 664 tons, believe it or not) .  This is almost double the average of all OECD countries.

The next-thirstiest water-consuming countries seem to be Canada, Australia, Portugal and Italy.  The lowest consumption figures among 30 OECD countries were to be found in the UK and Ireland (odd, since everyone thinks it rains non-stop there) and Central European countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  People in such places account for only about one-eighth of America’s thirst per-capita.

The startling level of water consumption in the USA is partly because America seems to have more of the stuff, using less than 20% of its annually available water resources. 

Pi is guessing that the runners-up in H2O-guzzling also consume more water simply because they can – i.e. supplies are perhaps more plentiful.  That certainly applies to Italy, with its reliable annual snow-melt from the Alpine uplands.  But Australia...?  ‘Strewth, cobber...

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