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Adjust Your Set

America’s consumer electronics (CE) industry has been grappling with stringent new federal and state legislation to ensure that manufacturers ‘take out the garbage’ as they sell-in new gizmos like HDTV (high-definition television). The issue is a serious one, with the switch-off of analog TV services leading to huge numbers of old TV sets getting left on the sidewalk.

But a CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) study suggests there is an afterlife for many superannuated TV sets. “While some have speculated that millions of TVs would enter the waste stream, results of the study …show that households expect to remove fewer than 15 million televisions from their homes in the coming year. Ninety-five percent will be sold, donated or re-cycled”. Nearly half of OTA-only (i.e. traditional “over-the-air”) TV households “expect to buy a digital converter box, …and to continue using the same TV”.

When the old set has to go, re-cycling is increasingly the disposal method of choice, with consumers reporting 30% more TV’s recycled than two years earlier.

Pi salutes this impressively green and responsible consumer trend.

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